Locally Owned.

We're Chris and Cassie Herring, a couple of Charlottesville natives with a passion for making great New York style pizza for the hungry citizens of Cville. We both grew up in the restaurant business — in fact, that's how we met. Now we're using our experience and our pizza to make a difference in the Charlottesville community. Come see us for a slice at the Barracks Road Shopping Center and get Charlottesville's best pizza.

Community Driven.

We believe in giving back to the Charlottesville community. Whether we're donating pizza to the hungry future basketball stars from the Joanne Boyle basketball camps that you see in this picture or giving discounts to Charlottesville's schools and churches, Slice wants to make sure that local charities and organizations can always get great pizza from a local business.

Great Food.

We take pride in our pies at Slice. We use the freshest ingredients and carefully crafted recipes to make sure that every slice we make delivers an authentic and delicious New York style pizza experience. Try our pizza today to find out just how great it really is!